We love smart home technology which can improve our homes and daily lives. Most of these smart home devices are controlled via smartphone and tablet apps, and many smart home devices are paired with their own Apps. Since you have downloaded so many Apps to control your smart home devices and sometimes makes you confused which App is for which device. So if there have a way to reprogram your smart devices into one App by yourself, will you willing to have a try?

Our influencer, Mat, have hacked our smart light bulb and flood light successfully, and reprogram our light to controlled by his favorite App --- NodeRED.

It’s a completely wireless way of flashing Tasmota on Novostella smart lights, or other compatible devices. Note that not all devices would work, but anything running ESP chips has a great success rate. The process is surprisingly simple, polished and quick. To get started you will need:
    - Linux machine with WiFi (Raspberry Pi will do!)
    - A spare WiFi device (mobile phone, computer, WiFi toaster)
    - A compatible Tuya device – in this case Novostella smart bulb and floodlights

After get all things ready, check and follow the video guide below, and enjoy the trip of hacking our smart lights!

So easy, right? For more detailed guiding info, please check here!